What is Battery in SAN RAFAEL, California?

Battery is defined by California Penal Code Section 242. Under Section 242, a California Battery is defined as: any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.

Use of Force

Note that California PC 242 prohibits the use of force against another, but does not say how much force is illegal. That's because California criminalizes any use of force, however slight, if it is willful and unlawful. That means a battery can occur using much less force than a punch in the nose. Prosecutors can, and have, prosecuted people for contact with minimal force.

Investigate. Investigate. Investigate.

If you are charged with violating California PC 242, your defense attorney should conduct a thorough investigation. Do not leave your future in the hands of government investigators who only excel in their career by securing arrests and convictions. After all, the prosecution often determine that there is only one side to every story, and that is whatever the police say.

The Law Office of Peter James Chambers contracts with investigators and experts in every relevant field (e.g. medical, toxicology, video & digital forensics) to protect you on every front.

Domestic Battery – PC 243(e)(1)

The California Penal Code 243(e)(1) addresses domestic battery. Under PC 243(e)(1), California domestic violence battery occurs between people in all types of relationships, including: a spouse, a person with whom the defendant is cohabiting, a person who is the parent of the defendant's child, former spouse, fiancé, or fiancée, or a person with whom the defendant currently has, or has previously had, a dating or engagement relationship. Punishments are far more severe for domestic violence battery, and the law covers more than just married couples. 


Time is not on your side if you been charged with a battery in California. Every minute of delay is another minute the government has to build their case uninterrupted. Attorney Peter James Chambers has successfully defended clients charged with battery, and his early intervention has protected clients who were arrested for battery from ever being prosecuted or even brought to court.

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