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Criminal Defense Attorney in Marin County, CA

Fighting to Protect Your Rights & Freedom 

Chambers Defense is led by the highly experienced Peter James Chambers, a former prosecutor who brings invaluable insight into investigations and the prosecutorial process. With years of collective legal experience, our team can provide straightforward advice to help you understand your options and protect your rights. We will fight aggressively to ensure that your case receives the best possible outcome. 

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Marin County Cases We Handle 

Attorney Chambers handles a wide range of criminal law matters in Marin County, including: 

  • Domestic violence. 
  • Drug crimes 
  • DUI-related offenses. 
  • Property crimes 
  • Restraining orders. 
  • Theft offenses 
  • Vehicular crimes 
  • Violent crimes 
  • Weapons crimes 
  • White-collar crimes. 

What Happens After an Arrest in California

Being arrested in California can be a traumatic experience, but it's essential to understand what happens next and how to navigate the legal system to protect your rights. Below, we discuss what you can expect after being arrested as well as tips concerning what you should do if you are arrested. 

  1. Remember your rights. As a person who has been arrested, you have specific legal rights that law enforcement must respect. These include the right to remain silent, the right to legal counsel, and the right to refuse a search. It's crucial to understand these rights and exercise them to protect yourself from self-incrimination.
  2. Be respectful when interacting with law enforcement. If you are interacting with law enforcement, it's essential to remain calm and exercise your rights. Avoid incriminating yourself by refusing to answer questions or consenting to a search without a warrant.
  3. Consider how you will post bail. After an arrest, the judge will determine if bail is necessary, and if so, how much bail should be paid. Bail is an amount of money that acts as insurance to ensure that you show up in court. If you can't afford to pay bail, you can request a court-appointed attorney or reach out to a reputable defense attorney to assist you throughout the legal process.
  4. Contact Chambers Defense. If you are under investigation, facing criminal charges, or being placed under arrest, you should contact our Marin County attorney as soon as possible. 
  5. Prepare for the legal process. Navigating the legal system can be daunting, but with the right defense attorney, you can increase your chances of a positive outcome. This process includes attending court appearances, negotiating plea deals, and defending yourself at trial if necessary.

Helping Good People in Bad Situations in Marin County

Chambers Defense proudly serves as an advocate for those accused of crimes in Marin County. Our firm understands how difficult it is to navigate the justice system alone, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone accused of a crime receives a fair trial and access to sound legal representation. 

With an emphasis on aggressive representation and personalized attention, Chambers Defense Firm has successfully defended a wide range of clients from all walks of life. From white-collar crimes to violent felonies, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality advocacy for individuals facing tough situations. 

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  • Drug Possession

    N.V. – Client arrested for drug possession. Mr. Chambers' review of body-worn camera showed the police officer lied.

  • Felony Fraud

    J.T. – Client arrested for felony fraud. Mr. Chambers defended his client at a preliminary hearing, demonstrating that his client's action was not illegal. CASE DISMISSED. When prosecution tries to revive the charges, CASE DISMISSED AGAIN!

  • Robbery

    S.M. – Client arrested for robbery. Mr. Chambers defended his client at the preliminary hearing. Through careful cross examination, the judge was convinced that no reasonable person would agree with the prosecution's case. CASE DISMISSED.

  • Possession of Drugs

    J.B. - Client was arrested for possession of drugs. All evidence was suppressed pre-trial because Mr. Chambers successfully argued that his client was unreasonably detained without a warrant before discovery of the drugs. CASE DISMISSED.

  • Driving Without a Valid License

    J.W. - While the police were conducting an unconstitutional search, deputies used unnecessary force against the client and caused him significant injuries. The police arrested the client on a felony resisting arrest charge and, for years, pursued jail time on the resisting charge. Mr. Chambers fought on behalf his client, arguing that the client was mistreated based on his race. Prepared to make this case to a jury, Mr. Chambers' efforts caused the prosecution to fold and dismiss the charge.

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