Every DUI case is different. Sometimes, a DUI can be the first and only time a person breaks the law. Sometimes, a DUI is a sign of a broader substance abuse problem. Sometimes, it is the result of an illegal stop. Whatever the facts, Mr. Chambers gives every case the attention it needs and deserves.


If you are arrested for DUI, your driver's license will have to be protected at a DMV hearing. This hearing is separate from any criminal case, but statements made at this hearing could be admissible at a criminal trial. In fact, these hearings are often held before a defendant is arraigned in criminal court.

Hiring a well-informed defense attorney early in the process can provide several advantages. For example, the attorney could prepare you for this DMV hearing. The attorney could even attend this hearing for you, without you having to take a day from work or family.

No one has the right to free legal representation in these hearings, so retaining a defense attorney can be the only thing that can protect your driver's license.


It seems that these roadside tests are used all over the world. Walk the line. Touch your nose. Count backwards, or forwards, or whatever. These tests are flawed, and some are impossible for every driver to complete. Mr. Chambers can help you explain why you could not complete one of these ridiculous tests, and even get them thrown out of court.

Your heart was racing. Flashlights were flashing in your eyes. Don't let this pointless theater become the final word on your innocence or guilt. 


In every DUI case, the police will try and get evidence of blood alcohol level, the legal measure of intoxication. But every intelligent DUI attorney knows that blind trust leads to injustice. How was the evidence obtained? How was the evidence examined? Are the results reliable?

Scientific opinions must be able to withstand peer review, and Mr. Chambers is in touch with the top DUI scientists and experts in the area, ready to assist you with your defense.

Why do I need a California DUI Attorney?

When everyone acts like this is just another case, you may wonder if every effort is being taken to protect you. After all, treating every case the same way cannot be expected to produce exceptional results. While he cannot guarantee results, Mr. Chambers promises his clients that every case receives his personal attention.

Your life should not be in the hands of a disinterested prosecutor. Contact the Law Office of Peter James Chambers today for a free personal evaluation of your case.