A good criminal defense attorney is part scientist, part artist. Presenting evidence to over 100 juries helped Mr. Chambers refine his art, and learn what jurors want to hear. And after studying juror psychology, he knows how to leverage the science of decision-making in favor of his clients.


Everyone deserves fair treatment, even those accused of domestic violence. California's “pro-arrest” domestic violence policies mean that police are pressured to make an arrest, and only one arrest, even where both parties, or no one, should be arrested. As a former domestic violence prosecutor, Mr. Chambers evaluated more than 1,000 domestic violence cases and he knows there is more than one side to every story. Learn more.


Restraining orders, also known as protective orders, are incredibly powerful tools. A protective order can help someone defend themselves from an unfriendly ex or harassing neighbor. If wrongly obtained, a restraining order can temporarily destroy an innocent person's life.  Learn more.


Drunk driving is one of the most common crimes, yet it can be one of the most complicated trials an attorney will handle. Mr. Chambers is in touch with the reliable experts in critical fields, prepared to help you fight your case and protect you from some of the harshest DUI consequences. Learn more.


Every person takes on an increasing number of responsibilities when they get behind the wheel of a car. Or the handlebar or a bike. Or the reins of a horse. Or the... you get it. Protecting yourself after an accident can require more than calling your insurance company. Learn more.


We are all worthy of being judged by more than our worst day. If you've paid your debt to society, free yourself and move on with your life. 


Self-Defense. Intoxication. Mental Distress. All of these are potential defenses to violent crimes. Having handled everything from attempted murder to simple pushing and shoving, Mr. Chambers understands that early intervention and investigation is critical in these cases. Bruises and memories fade, and failure to preserve evidence can mean the difference between guilt and acquittal. Learn more.


Most of us understand that drug abuse is a healthcare and social problem, but many prosecutors offices still seek harsh punishments for users and addicts. Mr. Chambers understands how diversion programs can get your case dismissed before trial by participating in treatment programs, and can connect you with treatment resources that will help you beat your criminal case.


Punishment for theft crimes vary, and something as minor as Shoplifting could be the basis for a felony charge, depending on your criminal record. Mr. Chambers will conduct a thorough review of all evidence to ensure nothing is overlooked, and ensure you are not accused of a crime because of a misunderstanding or honest dispute.


“What do you mean I can't bail my daughter out?” The juvenile justice system is different from the adult criminal justice system in many critical ways. A juvenile defense attorney can shepherd a juvenile, and their family, through this difficult time. Mr. Chambers received specialized training in juvenile defense and is prepared to advocate for your child.


There is no income threshold for what are known as "white collar crimes. Anyone could be accused of embezzlement or fraud for something as innocent as making a mistake or misunderstanding a perplexing government form. Mr. Chambers can help defend you in these complicated cases, and ensure your rights are protected.


Before becoming a defense attorney, Mr. Chambers regularly prosecuted sex crimes, so he knows how difficult these cases are to prove. The criminal justice system and juries can find it hard to maintain the presumption of innocence in these cases, so it is vital that you have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney working for you from the start.